Monday, March 19, 2012

Feeldoe Review

When it comes to pegging, obviously the toy that you use is going to be important. It’s easy to get a strap-on that doesn’t really work well. Some of them are too flimsy, others too hard. Some of them have bulky harnesses that can make their use inconvenient and ruin the intimacy of the encounter. Another problem is that many strap-ons aren’t really built to pleasure the giving partner, making pegging a more one-sided affair.

One toy that aims to overcome all these issues is the Feeldoe. It’s labeled as the first harness-free strap-on. The way it works is that it has the standard dildo part like you’d see on any strap-on, but instead of a harness it has a bulbous “handle” to it, sticking out vertically at a slight angle. This bulbous end can be inserted into the woman’s vagina and then held there with her PC muscles. The dildo end then sticks out as it would on a normal strap-on.

This can take some practice to master for women who don’t have very developed muscles in that area, but the idea is sound and it can work. When used properly, it creates a more “organic” strap-on experience without having a big harness in the way. Plus, the bulbous part inserted in the vagina rocks around as the woman thrusts, giving her some vaginal stimulation. And even beyond that, ridges in the base of the shaft part rub up against her clitoris, making it fully possible for a woman to have an orgasm while using the toy.
The Feeldoe’s only real downside (aside from the high pricetag) is that it can be tricky to get used to it. Women who aren’t experienced with it may find that it falls out or shifts out of position a lot. But with a little practice, it’s easy to master and then it becomes the perfect pegging toy!

The Feeldoe comes in four sizes – the smallest being the Slim, then the base model (Violet), then the larger models – the More and the Stout. Each step up in size increases the length and girth of the shaft part, while keeping the size of the bulbous part the same. There’s also the “Realdoe” which gives the toy a more realistic fleshly look.

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